Flexy Cups with Dual Shore – 1.5 Bellows Large Lips
1.5 P Series

New design from Flexy Vacuum Cups as new dual shore in 1.5 bellows

1.5 P Series
New Combi Flex 1.5P Series

15P Series – Flexy Cups 1.5 Bellows

– The two hardness cup 30/55 shore has a bellow in 55 shore and a lip in 30 shore, which makes the cup stable and durable with excellent sealing properties.

– ”CombiFlex “ material is developed to meet all the characteristics that is required for a high performance vacuum cup.

– Normally our polyurethane vacuum cups will last 3-4 times longer than the cups made of rubber or other vulcanized or polymerized materials. This means less

“down time” but more “turn over” with increased productivity.
– Fexible sealing surface with a lighter blue 30° shore.
– Good resilience or exibility, high tensile strength with high wear and tear resistance. – Able to keep a much more competitive price.