25T Series Flexy Vacuum Cups – Packaging Cup


Packaging Cup 25T Series

Packaging Cup 25T Series advantage

  • Our 1.5 family you will find in the sizes from Ø 30 mm to Ø 70 mm.
  • Our CombiFlex cups you will find in standard hardness 30/60 shore A and 60 shore A. The two hardness cup 30/60 shore has a bellow in 60 shore and a lip in 30 shore, which makes the cup stable and durable with excellent sealing properties.
  • Our ”CombiFlex “ material is developed to meet all the characteristics that is required for a high performance vacuum cup. Normally our polyurethane vacuum cups will last 3-4 times longer than the cups made of rubber or other vulcanized or polymerized materials. This means less “down time” but more “turn over” with increased productivity. Their key characteristics are good resilience or flexibility, high tensile strength with high wear and tear resistance. Comparing to other famous brand names, our product quality is comparable or even better. In general we are also able to keep a much
    more competitive price.
  • The 2.5 family is good for use on specially curved and uneven surfaces. The double bellows suction cup is very good at compensating for a degree of difference in level and curvatures of a work piece.





Our PU vacuum cups are widely used in automated automobile assembly plant, labelling and printing, packaging, medical and pharmaceutical, material handling and many other industrial applications where pick‐and‐place method are employed. Whether on a short or long runs, for custom or standard designs, we can quote custom cups from supplied drawings or reverse engineers from customer supplied cups.





In general our vacuum cups in polyurethane compare to other vacuum cups in rubber will last 3‐4 times
longer which also means less “stop time” in production changing vacuum cups. Good resilience or
flexibility, tensile strength and wear resistance are some of the “key characteristics” for good performance
of vacuum cups. Compare to the bigger brand names our quality compatible or even better and in general
we are able to keep a much more competitive price.