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Flexy Vacuum Cups is a sales and marketing company specializing in industrial vacuum cups in polyurethane from 30 shore A up to 75 shore A.

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Why Use Flexy Vacuum Cups?

From my long experience buying vacuum cups, I know customers buying branded vacuum cups are paying a high price – which many realize – but they have difficulty sourcing less expensive, high quality product.

Casted PU–vacuum cups in dual durometer-style are considered the best performing polyurethane. Casted polyurethane has the ability to bridge the gap between rubber and plastic with its wide hardness range. Outstanding characteristics are tough, high abrasion resistance, fuel and oil resistance, high shock absorption, ozone and oxygen resistance, high resistance to cut initiation and cut growth. These qualities enhance life expectancy, which translates into savings in downtime.

So Flexy Vacuum Cups offers a simple opportunity:

To be your sourcing and logistic partner for high quality vacuums cups in polyurethane at competitive prices.

Klas Öhman, MD and Owner Flexy Vacuum Cups.

Flexy Vacuum Cups - Polyurethane

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